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Want to design your first online course? Here’s where to start.

If your eyes glaze over after researching the best way to go about creating an online course, you’re not alone!

Being in the learning business means I get approximately 9,812,024 emails a day informing me on the latest trends in education technology. I can click to get tips on fancy software to help me build courses, explore learning management systems with elaborate features, and read endless articles on the most engaging instructional design models. The inevitable overwhelm ensues! For those just starting out on their eLearning journey- a Google search can be mind-boggling.

Let’s step back and break it down.

Before you build your training program, ask yourself these questions:

What is the goal of my course?

Start with the end in mind. Determine your desired results and build backwards asking yourself the question, “In order for learners to achieve this result, what must they complete in order to accomplish it?”