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Is your current training good enough?

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Recently I was in the hot seat. I had just wrapped up a presentation encouraging an organization to make an investment in the refresh of their training programs. They were sitting on a brilliant portfolio of niche content that was doing well in the market by most standards. But truthfully, after a decade on the shelf, it just wasn’t good enough anymore. I had positioned the pitch to focus on the reasons why updating the content design is critical:

  • changing eLearning landscape;

  • younger consumers demanding a tech-savvy experience; and

  • increasing competition in the market.

Despite the data-driven approach, these points fell flat. In retrospect, the picture I wish I had painted is the story of how technology has changed every aspect of our life, and how we unconsciously label current information as unreliable if the vehicle is outdated.

If we wouldn’t be seen walking around with a phone from 2010, why are we okay with training our most coveted resource (people!) with outdated methodologies?

Given the technological advances of the last decade, those training materials were developed for a completely different audience. So, is your training good enough? Let’s do a quick audit using these questions:

What year was it created?

Pro Tip: Content should be reviewed once per year for accuracy and redesigned every two years to stay on top of trends in learning.