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Andrew Chamberlain

Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

Andrew is an innovative Chief Executive Officer and team leader with 15+ years’ experience within the professional membership sector. He has a proven track record of creating and communicating a bold direction that inspires results, and has led many teams across a variety of sectors. He has an innate ability to effectively shape the strategic direction and operational practices of a business and works extensively with operations teams across the world, leading diagnostic reviews, conducting operational health checks, and analysing operational workflows, with a view to improving team dynamics and operational mechanics. And earlier in his career, recruited as ARMA’s first Chief Executive, he established a new professional office, directed the executive function, and supported the Board of Directors as their principal strategic advisor. And finally as the Head of the Scotland Office for the EAUC, Andrew established and led a team of project managers across two locations in his capacity as Project Sponsor for a portfolio of pathfinder projects.

Andrew Chamberlain

+44 (0) 7815 626630

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