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Are you ready to RE:engage?

Responsible Employers: Reuniting Remote Teams

A one-day team retreat designed to reconnect your remote workforce, realign your organisational priorities and renew your team culture and identity in a post-COVID world.

Your dedicated delivery team are here to support you and your team through pre-meet exploratory activities, a full-day in-person retreat, and post-meet feedback to ensure your team's ongoing success.


Pre-Meet Exploration

  • Team members will be invited to complete a 'Readiness to Return' Assessment

  • Organisational leadership will receive a full team 'Readiness to Return' Assessment Report 

  • Your facilitators will design a customised RE:engage Retreat (1-2 days dependent on needs) to address the identified key areas

  • Your facilitators will conduct a 1-hour consultation with key personnel to determine what a successful RE:engage Retreat looks like, and to discuss team priorities and goals

  • Team members will be invited to complete pre-meet activities to ensure maximum engagement on the day


Post-Meet Support

  • Team members will receive an individual copy of your new team charter (to be constructed during the Retreat)

  • Your facilitators will circulate a post-meet report detailing recommendations on how to address concerns raised throughout the RE:engage process

  • Invitation to a half-day follow-up meeting (virtual or in-person) to help generate the leadership's response to identified priorities and concerns 

  • Receive ongoing consultancy support to implement priorities and responses (additional service)

The RE:engage Retreat

Group 93.png

Operational Outcomes

  1. Resources for managing your team’s transition from remote to hybrid/in-person;

  2. Articulation of pragmatic response to team working in a post-COVID world;

  3. Data to inform, manage, and reinforce the transition process post-covid; and

  4. Realign and redefine your organisational priorities.

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Cultural Outcomes

  1. Increased personal connection amongst your team members; 

  2. Gain insights into your team’s needs and values;

  3. Renewed commitment amongst your team to a culture of constructive communication; and

  4. Recommendations of action that reflect your team’s distinct circumstances. 

Your RE:engage Facilitators


Andrew Chamberlain

Andrew is an innovative Chief Executive Officer and team leader with 15+ years’ experience within the professional membership sector. He has a proven track record of creating and communicating a bold direction that inspires results, and has led many teams across a variety of sectors. He has an innate ability to effectively shape the strategic direction and operational practices of a business and works extensively with operations teams across the world, leading diagnostic reviews, conducting operational health checks, and analysing operational workflows, with a view to improving team dynamics and operational mechanics.


Becca Stickney

Becca is a dynamic Chief Executive Officer and business leader with a proven pedigree in building and sustaining high-impact team culture. A global specialist in professional education, for nearly 20 years she has designed, published, and delivered professional education programs and training curriculum for a wide variety of organizations in the non-profit sector. She consults worldwide on innovative learning practice and strategies for business growth and, driven by her passion for cultivating high-performing teams, she has developed creative ways to engage and inspire teams, including RE:engage.


We recognise that all organisations and teams are different and will have unique requirements.  The RE:engage program has been designed to be flexible and adaptable to your bespoke needs. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and take the next steps to reuniting your workforce.

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