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Free Governance Health Check

We offer a complimentary ½ day consultation with your Chief Executive, Chair of the Board, members of the Board, or a combination of all three to explore and understand the value and impact of your association’s governance model, challenging assumptions and asking if governance practices remain relevant and fit-for-purpose.


Every governance health check is unique to an organisation’s circumstances and the outcomes sought in undertaking the review but we always focus on addressing both the mechanics and the dynamics of an association’s governance model, recognising the value of having in place both practical procedures and protocol and positive behaviours and relationships for governing.


What does a Governance Health Check deliver?

The specific focus of the health check will likely include:

  • Understanding if relationships amongst the Board, between the Board and the Executive, and/or other interested parties are positive and productive;

  • Determining if the governance model adds value or is a burden to the organisation;

  • Addressing a specific issue or concern with the current governance structure;

  • Alignment of the governance model with an existing or new strategic direction;

  • Adoption of leading practice in terms of policies and procedures (documentation review); and

  • Compliance with national and international codes and standards.


Diagnostic Report

“Good governance” enables and supports compliance with relevant legislation and regulation but also promotes attitudes and a culture where everything works towards fulfilling the organisation’s vision, mission and values.  


As the conclusion of the process, we will produce a diagnostic report detailing the following:

  • an assessment of the salient components of your governance model;

  • recommendations for improving protocol;

  • guidance for cultivating constructive relationships;

  • suggestions for enhancing governance; and

  • directing you to various sources of support.

Delivered by


Andrew Chamberlain

Andrew is an innovative Chief Executive Officer and team leader with 15+ years’ experience within the professional membership sector. He has a proven track record of creating and communicating a bold direction that inspires results, and has led many teams across a variety of sectors. He has an innate ability to effectively shape the strategic direction and operational practices of a business and works extensively with operations teams across the world, leading diagnostic reviews, conducting operational health checks, and analysing operational workflows, with a view to improving team dynamics and operational mechanics.

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