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Business Growth

Planning and implementing strategies for business growth can feel overwhelming: so much data, so many perspectives, and so little time. At Elevated we cut through the complicating factors, focusing instead on the core actions and behaviours that will realize long-term competitive advantages for your business. Whether you need to rethink the strategy for a brand, a product, or your entire organisation, our experienced team will help you to agree your priorities and to define a plan which is creative, ambitious, and inspires engagement and commitment from your team and your stakeholders.

Products and Services


Bespoke Consultancy
We work internationally, providing bespoke consultancy advice on organisation improvement, leadership development, good governance, and business growth.

Board Induction
Induction is one of the most practical ways of ensuring new Board members understand their role, the workings of an organisation and their relationships with others in and outside that organisation. 


As professional facilitators we ‘make things easier’ by supporting groups in agreeing common objectives; helping people collectively move through a process; and fostering participation and ideas that add value.


Governance Review

Irrespective of an organisation’s management structure and governance model, all Boards require a set of governance principles, policies, practices and protocol which guide their operations and are used as a reference point when working with the Chief Executive in leading the organisation. 

Organisation Review

By understanding an organisation's culture, environment, priorities and processes, we recognise what is done well, identify areas for improvement and pinpoint the gaps in planning and performance.  

Strategic Planning

We facilitate strategic planning by supporting Boards and senior executives in identifying and agreeing an organisation’s medium and long-term direction.  We help define the narrative and present the strategic objectives by preparing strategic plans for publication. 

NETpositive Governance

Within the context of wanting to engage organisations with some of the many global issues affecting society, we have developed a new governance model, designed to support Boards in addressing social responsibilities.

RE:engage - a signature Elevated product

Responsible Employers: Reuniting Remote Teams

 A one-day team retreat designed to reconnect your remote workforce, realign your organisational priorities and renew your team culture and identity in a post-COVID world.

Interested in a free Governance Health Check for your organisation?

We offer a complimentary ½ day consultation with your Chief Executive, Chair of the Board, members of the Board, or a combination of all three to explore and understand the value and impact of your association’s governance model, challenging assumptions and asking if governance practices remain relevant and fit-for-purpose.



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